About Us

Radical Semiconductor was founded in 2020 by three Stanford graduates, Sean Hackett, Zach Belateche, and Katie Watson.

We started Radical Semiconductor because we love hardware security, and we fantasize about the untapped potential of advanced cryptography for the average person.

The crypto industry shares our passion, and we believe we can get cutting-edge protocols in everyone's pocket with the right hardware.

To do this, Radical is inventing the world's most efficient cryptography engine, putting it in the most user-friendly package, and inviting crypto companies to make incredible, unique wallet experiences.

This is why we assembled a lean team of chip designers, cryptographers, firmware engineers, and product designers to invent an all-new, smartcard hardware wallet.

The future is Radical!

Founding Team

Sean Hackett
CEO & Co-Founder

Sean has seen for his own eyes the difficulty in commercializing cutting-edge technology as a Stanford Physics (BS, '21) student, and was amazed with the daring crypto world.

He is obsessed with uncovering the latest, frontier advancements in crypto, and finding clever ways to apply them to the customer experience.

Zach Belateche
CTO & Co-Founder

Zach got his start in chip design in the Stanford Electrical Engineering (BS, MS '20) department, building neuromorphic AI chips in the Brains in Silicon Lab.

He lead the successful tapeout of Radical's first test chip, with only a 4-person team.

Katie Watson
VP of InfoSec & Co-Founder

Katie got interested in cryptography as a student in the Stanford Mathematics (BS, '21) department, placing nationally with the Stanford Applied Cyber team.

She is currently developing the highly secure RadicalOS and Radical's broad set of ultra-efficient cryptographic kernels.

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